This month Kindergarten has been learning about Butterflies. We have studied their life cycle, parts of a butterfly, how to distinguish them from moths and so much more. We have really enjoyed watching videos and creating crafts that have all been focused around butterflies. But then we heard that South Coast Botanic Garden opened up SOAR a butterfly exhibit. We could not miss the opportunity to see everything we have learned in real life.

The students were more than excited to find out we were going! They had a fabulous time seeing the different stages of the life cycle was a great start before heading into the pavilion. Once inside we were surrounded by beautiful plants and butterflies. There were staff and volunteers there ready to answer all the questions that came there way. What an amazing experience for our littler learners! As a teacher it was great to see what we had learned in the classroom being put into action. Seeing them classify how they knew it was a butterfly and identifying the different stages.

If you have a chance, I highly recommend going to South Coast Botanic Garden for SOAR.