Last week the 5th grade classroom was transferred into an Italian pizzeria! Students arrived at school on Wednesday to find checkered tablecloths, red and white decor, Italian flags and balloons adorning their entire classroom.

Hope and Wade King, educators and authors of the book “The Wild Card” coined the term Set the State to Engage.  The idea behind this catchy phrase is that transforming the classroom helps student engage with the curriculum.  The 5th graders’ pizzeria experience included learning many new concepts using pizza a as a theme. The “restaurant” served up punctuation practice with colored pasta preposition review, a figurative language menu, non-fiction summarizing about the history of pizza, and How to Make Pizza Writing!

The grand finale of the week was a surprise field trip to MOD Pizza, where students were giving a tour of the whole restaurant and able to create their own personal pizzas.

The week was filled with engaging learning and fun! 5th graders are already talking about what the next room transformation will be!

Anne-Marie Hudani
St. John Fisher School Principal