Second grade went on a field trip to a local pumpkin patch. They had fun playing together, looking at pumpkins, and animals. They even got to pick a pumpkin to take home. The class also worked on a pumpkin book report this month where they had to make a pumpkin into a character from a book they read. They also had to write down character traits with evidence from the story and write a summary on what the story was about. Students presented the reports to the class.

The fourth-grade class visited The Mission of San Juan Capistrano. Students have been studying the mission for several weeks and were well prepared for their visit. Students learned how adobe bricks were made and their use. Each student was given the opportunity to make a brick to take home. Our guide explained the difference between a relic and a replica. Students then tested their knowledge around the mission. They became very good at spotting replicas. We finish off our day with lunch on the lawn by the coy fish. They enjoyed learning about the coy fish in the fountains and even learned the names of each fish. Fourth grade social studies curriculum studies early California which includes the missions of California. This trip helped the students to better understand what everyday life was like within the mission.

Anne-Marie Hudani
St. John Fisher School Principal

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