A New Look for the School Courtyard

For decades, students and adults have walked across the lush grass of the school courtyard until in recent years the grass has thinned and worn away exposing large areas of earth.

During periods of rain, the courtyard becomes a muddy field and even if students are able to sit at the lunch tables, mud is tracked onto the walkways and the white tiled floors of the classrooms.  A courtyard facelift was desperately needed!

Over the summer vacation, the school received an extremely generous donation to lay bricks over the 5,600 square foot area, while at the same time preserving the beautiful trees in the center of the courtyard.  The work is almost complete, and the courtyard will be ready for the opening of the 2017-2018 school year on August 28th.

In order to raise more funds for school improvements, we will be launching a fundraiser over the coming months.  In exchange for a donation, you will have the opportunity to order a brick inscribed with your family name (or any other inscription) that will then be laid in the courtyard as a blasting imprint.  Please walk by the courtyard when you have a chance, and see what a difference the bricks have made!

Anne-Marie Hudani
St. John Fisher School Principal