After a restful Christmas break, the students in Transitional Kindergarten at St. John Fisher School are enthusiastic to learn about the content for this week.

This week, the students are writing the letter F and learning the sound the letter makes.  We are also discussing words that begin with the letter F.  For each letter, an animal craft is made associated with the letter.  This week, the students made a fox craft.  In addition to learning about the letter of the week, we have had many class discussion about winter.  This includes talking about what clothes to wear in winter, winter sports and the weather in winter.

A common topic of discussion has been about snow.  This week the students made a snowman craft where they had to cut out all of the pieces and glue it together.  A difficult task in the beginning of the school year, the students have shown development in their fine motor skills.

The TK classroom is an exciting and supportive classroom that encourage learning as well as meaningful social interactions.

Areena Sadeghi
Transitional Kinder Teacher