Dear St. John Fisher students and families,

It has been a great honor and blessing to have taught your children for the past 14 years. I knew from the moment I had found a second family, and that SJF was a very special place.

I have worn many hats over the years, as a first-grade teacher, PE teacher, Archangel Spirit Squad captain, and technology teacher. I co-created the science buddy program with Ms. Reichelt, teaming the first graders with eighth grade students to introduce science concepts and hands-on science experiments. I am proud to say it has flourished and become a staple incoming first and eighth graders look forward to. I am so grateful for the unique experience of teaching students in first grade and teaching them again for computers. It always warms my heart when students come back to visit. I will miss listening to their high school tales but also the memories of first grade, computers, and PE.

I am stepping away from the 23 wonderful years I spent teaching to take a career path into Special Education Advocacy. It would give me the opportunity to help students and their families get services and help needed. I look forward to specializing in assistive technology. I will remain in California for another year or two but eventually return to the Chicago area where my parents live.

To Mrs. Hudani and my colleagues, I pray for you and the work you do to make SJF the wonderful school it is. I wish everyone a healthy and happy rest of the school year.

God bless,
Ms. Noerper

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