During the week of October 9th – 13th, the St. John Fisher School 6th grade class attended Science Camp at the Pali Institute in Running Springs, CA. During their 5-day stay, the students took classes in areas such as: aerodynamics, team building, archery, reptiles and amphibians, crime scene investigation, experimentation processes, high ropes courses, astronomy, and more!

In aerodynamics students learned about Newton’s laws and the Laws of Aerodynamics to help them design bottle rockets and measure the height to which they traveled using altitude calculators.

In the CSI class, the 6th graders were given evidence to a a crime and had to solve the mystery using fingerprints, blood typing, video surveillance footage, and handwriting analysis.

A group favorite was the high ropes course – an obstacle course 40ft in the trees! Pali Institute was an incredible hands-on learning opportunity for our 6th grade class and a wonderful bonding experience for the group to grow in leadership, teamwork and friendship.

Anne-Marie Hudani
St. John Fisher School Principal

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