Technology at SJF

St. John Fisher School has a lab dedicated to computers and technology. All classes TK through 8th grade have computer class twice a week. Young students in TK and Kindergarten learn how to use a desktop computer and mouse.

5th grade at SoFi Stadium!

In November, Fifth grade enjoyed a week full of fun football related activities in preparation to their visit at SoFi Stadium. The Fifth grade classroom was completely transformed into a football stadium, complete with fans, a turf field, and games. The idea behind

Keeping P.E. Fun, Safe and Meaningful

The benefits of having physical activity for memory retention and focus are of great importance for children at school, especially during stressful periods. The same can be said for the positive interactions of social-emotional learning

California Missions

Fourth grade has been busy researching the 21 missions of California. Students selected a mission to visit and research. Students then wrote a paper on their chosen mission. 4th grade then had a mission building day where each group brought supplies and as a team built