St. John Fisher School students participate in daily prayer and weekly and monthly Mass as part of the school’s curriculum. St. John Fisher School students begin each day with community worship at morning assembly. The assembly reinforces our identity as Catholics and fosters a sense of community among the students and faculty. The Student Council leads our morning assembly, which includes a Gospel reading, a prayer to St. John Fisher, a pledge to the cross, and a pledge to the American Flag. The assembly concludes with the entire student body singing God Bless America.


St. John Fisher School empowers students to be confident, well-rounded, and socially aware individuals. SJF students actively engage in public service from Kindergarten through the 8th grade. Our students participate in the President’s Volunteer Service Award Program and contribute approximately 3,500 service hours to the community each year.


The School Families program involves every member of St. John Fisher School. Student families are created with at least one student from each grade. Eighth grade students act as the family leader. Families meet throughout the year for prayer, activities, and spirit building projects. These projects are planned by the Student Council and take place during school hours.


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