St. John Fisher Parish School (SJF) promotes academic excellence in a faith-filled environment. Using California and Archdiocesan standards and the Schoolwide Learning Expectations derived from the School’s philosophy, SJF presents a challenging, comprehensive, and relevant curriculum for its students.

Teachers make use of various instructional strategies and materials to ensure that students not only have a varied learning experience, but are able to thoroughly process and build on their learning.

The School is proud of its students’ performance on standardized tests, in high school, and in various state-wide and national competitions.

The resource program supports students with special needs, so that all students can learn, achieve, and feel successful.



  • We demonstrate an understanding of the Catholic faith
  • We recognize, respect, and celebrate diversity
  • We participate actively in the celebration of the Mass
  • We affirm Catholic ideals
  • We experience our Catholic faith in a variety of ways


  • We think creatively and critically
  • We work well independently and as members of a group
  • We communicate clearly
  • We participate in a variety of learning experiences
  • We exhibit knowledge and understanding of all curricular subjects
  • We employ technology as a tool
  • We affirm American ideals


  • We show respect for self, family and life
  • We are responsible citizens who serve as positive role models
  • We are stewards of the world around us
  • We promote social justice by participating in a variety of service projects for the benefit of local and global communities


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